I am a man with dark hair and green eyes. I wear glasses. I have a scar on my forehead from an encounter in my early childhood. Of course, my hair is brown, not black; my glasses are rectangular, not round; and the scar is from a piece of furniture, not a Dark Lord. For some bizarre reason, I have taken it upon myself to increase the number of fanfics on the interwebs. Sheer insanity.

What’s a pleurocoelus?
I was looking to find a distinctive handle, I didn’t want to be potterfan789235298572 or soemthing like that. So, I went to Wikipedia and started browsing randomly. The pleurocoelus is a type of astrodon dinosaur, which is a cousin to the more famous brachiosaurus. “Hey, ” I thought, “I like dinosaurs!” That’s pretty much it. Of course, no one can spell it. Oh, well.

For the record, it’s pronounced plur-oh-see-luhs. Click the link to hear it pronounced.

Here is a close relative of the pleurocoelus (the astrodon) attacking some raptors. I include this pic simply because it’s awesome!


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