My Stories

These are the stories I have written. Each story has its own page with links to where it is published as well as story notes and replies (if any) to reviews.

A note on romantic pairings, for those who care about such things. (Potter fandom is quite divided regarding this subject.) If any pairings exist in a story, most likely they will be canon.

Title: A Squirrelly Thing Happened on the Way to the Burrow
Summary: Harry finally achieves his animagus form: a Eurasian red squirrel. When he realizes he is unable to transform back to his human form, he decides to seek help from Mrs. Figg. Unfortunately, Harry forgot about all her cats. Mortal peril has a way of making your life and priorities a lot clearer. HP/GW A different beginning to Half Blood Prince.
Time Period: Beginning of Half Blood Prince

Title: Disturbing Revelation
Summary: On his eleventh birthday, Harry Potter has a disturbing revelation. Humor. Crossover with V (1984 TV series).
Time Period: Beginning of Philosopher’s Stone 

Title: On a Mission from God
After Sirius Black falls through The Veil he finds himself on a boat with a man named Pete who offers him a job playing interdimensional troubleshooter. Sirius’ first assignment: help a version of Harry who is the only survivor of the final battle.
Time Period:

Title: Harry Potter and the Cave of Second Chances
Summary: Harry’s best friend Draco has been deceiving him and working against him from the beginning. When the Weasley girl is killed and Voldemort is resurrected, Harry learns the truth. With the war going badly for the light, Harry finds a cave that might allow him to undo all the damage he unwittingly caused, if he is lucky. Time travel.
Time Period: Pre-Philosopher’s Stone and following.

Title: The Uncaring Sun
Summary: In the far distant future, the sun has become a red giant. In this surreal landscape, illuminated by the bloated sun, “lives” the immortal shade of Tom Riddle. Witness his descent into madness on an abandoned and dying planet. (This story explores what might happen if Harry had been able to win without destroying all of the horcruxes.)
Time Period: Billions of years in the future

Title: Harry Potter and the Tropes of Fanfiction
Summary: A series of oneshots exploring the tropes and conventions common to Harry Potter fanfic. Multiple genres, Multiple characters, Multiple ships. If you don’t like one chapter, you might like the next.
Time Period: Multiple

Title: Hello, Tom!
Summary: When Lord Voldemort goes to kill young Harry Potter, he encounters resistance from the person he least expected, the young child himself. A story of time travel, its cause, and its aftermath.
Time Period: 1981, The future, Pre Hogwarts, Hogwarts, Post Hogwarts

Title: Drawing a Bead
Summary: On his way to face Lord Voldemort, Harry Potter has a fateful meeting with Mr. Filch. This meeting leads to victory against the Dark Lord and an Order of Merlin for Mr. Filch. good!Filch heroic!Filch
Time Period: Deathly Hallows

Title: An Unusually Large Cage
Summary: While at Hogwarts to see one of Ginny’s Quidditch games, newly minted Auror Harry Potter learns why Mr. Filch always seemed so creepy. evil!Filch criminal!Filch
Time Period: Post Hogwarts

Title: In the Family Way
Summary: Ginny Potter, Hermione Weasley, and Hannah Longbottom all have pregnancy checkups around the same time, so they decide to make a day of it. Meanwhile, their husbands are having a dads-to-be day out as well. Harry and Ginny are both nervous about their meetings with friends, for completely different reasons.
Time Period: Post Hogwarts

Title: Innocence
Summary: Two confessions by Neville Longbottom to the two witches who influenced his life the most, the one who taught him to hate and the one who taught him to love. Machiavellian Neville, Grey Neville. Based on a prompt by onoM.
Time Period: Post Hogwarts

Title: Molly’s Illness
Summary: Hannah Abbot saw Molly Weasley leaving St. Mungo’s Hospital. Now the extended Weasley family is wondering why. Written for “The Burrow Secret Challenge” on SIYE.
Time Period: Post Hogwarts


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