A Squirrelly Thing Happened on the Way to the Burrow

Summary: Harry finally achieves his animagus form: a Eurasian red squirrel. When he realizes he is unable to transform back to his human form, he decides to seek help from Mrs. Figg. Unfortunately, Harry forgot about all her cats. Mortal peril has a way of making your life and priorities a lot clearer. HP/GW A different beginning to Half Blood Prince.

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Notes: I wrote this for the Animagus Challenge on Sink Into Your Eyes. Well, I started it for the challenge. Real Life and slow writing made me miss the deadline, but I finished anyway. Thanks to Spenser Hemmingway for betaing for me. The bit about American squirrels displacing British squirrels in England is real, by the way. See the Wikipedia article on the Eurasian red squirrel for more details.

I was aiming for madcap comedy. As you can see, I didn’t get quite that far. I also had a scene with Squirrelly Harry typing a message on an old typewriter, but I just couldn’t get that to work so I did it another way. My original title for this one was “Something Squirrelly This Way Comes.”

I know there is some debate along fans as to what the exact nature of the Trace is. Some say it is connected to the person, others to the wand. For this story, I have chosen to have it be the wand (or at least to have Harry believe that.) At least the Ministry did not catch him becoming an Animagus.

At this time, there are no plans for a sequel to this story. I reserve the right to change my mind on that. Being a squirrell could be useful at times.

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Guest 4/14/13 . chapter 1
The narration could replace any valium drug without any loss of effect.

*Sigh* Here’s a perfect example of how not to leave a review. In fact, if I ever make a wall of shame, this is going up. First, the review was anonymous so I’m guessing the “guest” was trying to just be a jerk without repercussions. I suppose it’s possible guest didn’t have an account or was too lazy to log in, but I don’t think so. Well, losers have as much right to freedom of speech as I do.

I suppose guest was trying to say that my narration was dry. That could be true. I have to fight writing like a stereotypical nerd. I don’t usually talk like that, but I do write like that. (What can I say, I am a nerd.) That being said, there were nicer ways to say that, but I’m guessing guest wasn’t trying to be nice. I welcome all genuinely constructive criticism. After all, I’m trying to get better. Personally, if I think a story sucks, I leave it alone. If it is decent, but could be better, then I offer constructive criticism. I’m willing to concede that there may be truth behind this review, but it seems like our mystery guest just wanted to be a jerk.


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