Harry Potter and the Cave of Second Chances

Harry Potter and the Cave of Second Chances by pleurocoelus

Summary: Harry’s best friend Draco has been working against him from the beginning. When the Weasley girl is killed and Voldemort is resurrected, Harry learns the truth. With the war going badly for the light, Harry finds a cave that might allow him to undo all the damage he unwittingly caused, if he is lucky. Time travel.

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Notes: There will be a few chapters in the original timeline before the time travel event. The chapters before the return of Voldemort won’t diverge significantly from canon. After that, though things go off the rails quickly.

Note: I will not necessarily respond to all reviews. If you want a response, asking a question that no one else has asked is a pretty good way to get one. Before asking questions, check this page first.


Is Draco really evil?

Yes. Sorry, but he’s not pretending to be evil. He’s not going to repent (not in this story anyway). I do have another story planned where Draco is raised by someone other than Lucius and Narcissa. That story will see a marked change in his character.Here, however, Draco is incredibly evil and much more intelligent and self-disciplined than in canon. He’s been trained to be a skilled actor.

Why did Harry fall for Draco’s deception?

In canon, Ron was the first child to befriend Harry. Draco, on the other hand, was arrogant and rude. Here, Draco was affecting a mask of shyness and friendliness. Harry’s social skills are not well-developed due to his lack of friends prior to this point. The masquerade put on by Draco, Crabbe, Goyle, and Nott will continue until Harry learns the truth.

What about Ron and Hermione?

At the beginning of the story, in Harry’s mind at least, Ron is a jerk who can’t forgive Draco for the mistakes his father made. In the second timeline, he will be Harry’s best friend.

Hermione… Read the story and find out.

What about Ginny?

Sorry, she’s going to die in the original timeline. However, as the summary says, this is a time travel story. Harry will save her life one way or another and, as in canon, they will eventually get married.


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