Harry Potter and the Tropes of Fanfiction

trope parody

Summary: A series of oneshots exploring the tropes and conventions common to Harry Potter fanfic. Multiple genres, Multiple characters, Multiple ships. If you don’t like one chapter, you might like the next.

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Each chapter will be a oneshot, a completely independent story. Each one will examine one or more literary tropes common to Harry Potter fanfiction. Some will be very short. Some may be very long. Don’t expect a common thread between the stories, except for an examination of tropes. All stories may contain AU elements.

What is a trope? According to Wikipedia, it is “a commonly recurring literary or rhetorical device, motif, or cliché.” It can be a type of character, for example, the “Dark Lord.” Voldemort joins Sauron, Morgoth, Darth Vader, Emperor Palpatine/Darth Sidious, Skeletor, Ganon, and countless others in this trope. It can be a type of setting, such as the hero’s secret hideout. The Batcave, the Fortress of Solitude, the Avengers’ Mansion, Xavier’s School, and many others fall into this trope. Plot tropes include: Accidental hero, Alternate Universe, The Con, Deadly Road Trip, End of an Age, “Groundhog Day” Loop, Time Travel Romance… you get the picture.

“Above all, a trope is a convention. It can be a plot trick, a setup, a narrative structure, a character type, a linguistic idiom… you know it when you see it. Tropes are not inherently disruptive to a story; however, when the trope itself becomes intrusive, distracting the viewer rather than serving as shorthand, it has become a cliché.” – tvtropes

Beware, tvtropes will ruin your life. (By the way, tvtropes is responsible for making me a fan of Harry Potter)

Some of these stories will be comedy, some tragedy, some serious, some silly. I will also play some of the tropes seriously, mock some, subvert others, invert others. A lot of them, I will skewer mercilessly.

Also, some tropes will be general tropes found in many examples of fiction. Others will be tropes specific to fanfiction in general and Potter fanfiction in particular.

This is mostly affectionate parody and it is not to be taken personally.

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