Cosmic Entities

Cosmic Entities are Beings who are the embodiment of Cosmic Concepts. So far, they are just in Missionverse stories, but they may show up elsewhere later.

All are at least 50 feet tall, making them over twice the height of Giants. They are able to reduce their height at will in order to interact with lesser Beings. All are humble in temperament, despite their great power and take great offense at being worshiped.

Cosmic Entities are not gods, nor are they angels. They are something entirely different. They work within the organization of Heaven to accomplish the Plan of the Creator.

Basically, these are something I came up with for the needs of a story and are not intended as any kind of theological statement. They are based on various preexisting concepts, coupled with my own imagination.


Certain of them, with brief descriptions:

Female. Beautiful woman.

Male. Sometimes appears as a cloaked skeleton with scythe, but he can adopt a human appearance at will. Death is not evil.

Young Male.

Female. The Muse.


There is no entity who embodies hate.


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