On a Mission from God

On a Mission from God, a Spacetime Sirius Adventure by pleurocoelus

Summary: After Sirius Black falls through The Veil he finds himself on a boat with a man named Pete who offers him a job playing interdimensional troubleshooter. Sirius’ first assignment: help a version of Harry who is the only survivor of the final battle.

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Notes: So I was wondering what might happen to Sirius after he fell through The Veil. A long and complicated train of thought led to this. The title is a reference to the Blues Brothers. I was kind of inspired by “The Wood Between the Worlds” from The Magician’s Nephew by CS Lewis.

This is not intended to be Sirius from the Prime Timeline (canon).

This is the first multi-chapter story I have attempted in fanfiction. I plan on writing other stories about this version of Sirius. If they are long enough, I will let them stand on their own. The short ones will be collected as chapters in an ongoing story tenatively called “The Further Adventures of Spacetime Sirius.” All stories in this continuity will be labeled as “Missionverse” (unless I want to surprise you).

At present, I have just a couple of chapters to finish before this story will be considered complete.

Note: I will not necessarily respond to all reviews. If you want a response, asking a question that no one else has asked is a pretty good way to get one. Before asking questions, check this page first.


Why do you consider Peter to have had ADHD?

Regarding St. Peter and ADHD, a lot of that comes from the writings of Bob Seay, who was the coordinator for add.about.com, several years ago. I tried to find his old columns on the topic, but I couldn’t. Basically, from what I remember, it stems from Peter’s highly impulsive behavior. He often spoke and acted before he evidently thought, for good or for ill. See Luke 9:33; Matthew 16:6; Matthew 26:35 and 73-75.

I do have ADD and the idea that God chooses even people with ADD is appealing to me.

Why did you make St. Peter a redneck?

Blame Jeff Foxworthy for that.

“People make fun of the way I talk, but I always tell them that they’re gonna be real surprised when they get up to Heaven and St. Peter says, ‘Y’all git in the truck, we’re goin’ up to the Big House.'”

Why does Pete calls God “The Boss”?

Pete calls God “The Boss” because that’s how they did it in the TV show Highway to Heaven (one of my inspirations for this story). Also it sounds like something a redneck would do. Theologically, the Greek word “Kurios” (which is used as a title for God – a translation of the Hebrew “Adonai”) means Lord or Master, which could be colloquially translated into Modern English as “Boss.”

Why was Sirius not able to return to his home universe?

Sirius can’t return to his original universe because he would be a ghost there (you may probably will see that at some point in another story). He can only take solid form in other universes or outside space-time altogether.

Sirius isn’t putting down roots anywhere else because there are an infinite number of Harrys across the multiverse and he wants to help as many as he can. He is still in a mortal body that ages and will eventually wear out. When the time comes, he will proceed to the afterlife.

Why was Sirius not allowed to fight in the battle?

The battle belonged to Harry. It was his fight. Sirius can transport people between universes and give advice at strategic points, but he isn’t the major player. He is the common thread in all the Misssionverse stories, but the main character(s) of each story will always be the one(s) that he helps, in my mind at least.

Sirius is bound by Fate, as everyone else is. He is allowed to make changes, but only certain ones in certain ways. He’s not a superhero bursting in to save the day.

Does the blue pickup truck represent anything?

Not really. The idea of the blue pickup comes from Living With Danger by Anne B. Walsh (whydoyouneedtoknow).

Where did you get the idea for this story?

The initial idea was wondering what happened to Sirius after he fell through The Veil. From there it brainstormed into a Quantum Leap or Highway to Heaven type story with the travelling stranger who helps people. The format of the travelling stranger who helps others is certainly not new. The Lone Ranger, The Pretender, The Equalizer, and even The A-Team all fit in this category in some way or another.

Where did you get the idea for the Place-Between-Places?

The Place-Between-Places was inspired by the Wood Between the Worlds from The Chronicles of Narnia.

What is the deal with that bottle opener?

The bottle opener is from Buc-ee’s. It’s shaped like Texas. The Buc-ee’s in New Braunfels, Tx is the largest convenience store in the world. It also has very clean restrooms. Just saying. If you’re driving down I-35 between Austin and San Antonio, you should stop there.

Are there other versions of Sirius running around the Multiverse helping out?


Does this story have a message?

No, not really. No theological statement is intended by this story, nor should any be inferred. No disrespect of God, any saint, people with ADHD, or rednecks is implied, nor should any be inferred. Except that God wants us to be involved His work, flawed though we are.

How dare you put religion in a Harry Potter story?

JK Rowling has identified herself as a Christian and has put plenty of Christian references in the series. I’m aware of the animosity of some in the church toward the books. I am just as aware of the animosity of some Potter fans toward Christianity. Personally, I think both sides are wrong. Magic as practiced in Harry Potter is clearly a mutation the same as Stan Lee’s X-Men and has nothing to do with demonic forces.


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