The Further Adventures of Spacetime Sirius

The Further Adventures of Spacetime Sirius

Summary: A collection of oneshots detailing further missions of Sirius Black as he travels the multiverse helping different versions of Harry and friends. Characters and story length will vary per chapter. time travel, interdimensional travel, Missionverse

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This story is a continuation of the story begun in “On a Mission from God.” Read that first. This probably won’t make sense without reading that first, at least the first chapter.

Each chapter will be it’s own standalone story.  Spacetime Sirius will be in all of them, but they will be set in different universes so don’t expect them to have all the same characters, settings, or continuity. Stories will be set in different time periods, as well.

Chapters will most likely be in anachronic order. In other words, the chapters are not presented in the order that Sirius experiences them. Rather, they will be published in the order that I complete them. (Convenient, isn’t it?)

Chapters will be as long as I need to tell the story. Some will probably be very short, others longer. Any story that exceeds 6000 words will most likely be posted separately from this as a stand-alone story within the Missionverse.  Stories may also be cross-posted on other sites as well, if they meet that site’s qualifications (if any).

The nebula photo in the cover image comes from NASA. The nebula in question is called the North America Nebula because (in visible light) it resembles that continent. The photo I used was taken in infrared, however, so you can’t see the resemblance.
For this cover, I was trying to look like various sci-fi books from the 1970s I’ve read.

Note: I will not necessarily respond to all reviews. If you want a response, asking a question that no one else has asked is a pretty good way to get one. Before asking questions, check this page first.


Why did your chapters contradict each other?

Each chapter is set in one or more unique universes. The Harry in one story is not the same person as the Harry in another story. Each universe is different based on divergences in the timeline. The only characters who stay the same are Spacetime Sirius, Pete, and the occasional Cosmic Entity who shows up.


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