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Writing Tips, Harry Potter Style

all right

Seriously, that is a major pet peeve of mine.

“Alright” is not a word. “All right” is how you spell it.

bated breath vs. baited breath

These words are often confused. “bated” vs. “baited”

“Baited” refers to bait.


Animagus fic nearly complete

I’m nearing completion on my first HP fanfic. I started it for the Animagus Challenge on SIYE, but slow writing + real life = taking longer than I anticipated. I missed the challenge deadline, but I’m finishing it anyways. Once it is completed and posted, I will add a link to the story on my FF and SIYE accounts. I will also post any notes I have regarding story development. (I plan to do this for every story I post.)

Yeah, I completed this one ages ago.