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In Progress: 4/14/2013

I just published A Squirrelly Thing Happened on the Way to the Burrow.

My current project is a soul bond fic with sci-fi leanings. Expect tongue-in-cheek references to various sci-fi movies.

That one is still in progress and quite stalled. Other stories have been posted in the meantime.


Animagus fic nearly complete

I’m nearing completion on my first HP fanfic. I started it for the Animagus Challenge on SIYE, but slow writing + real life = taking longer than I anticipated. I missed the challenge deadline, but I’m finishing it anyways. Once it is completed and posted, I will add a link to the story on my FF and SIYE accounts. I will also post any notes I have regarding story development. (I plan to do this for every story I post.)

Yeah, I completed this one ages ago.