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Status report: 2014-01-19

On a Mission from God:
Writing various scenes for the remaining chapters. Working on the sequel.

The Further Adventures of Spacetime Sirius:
This is the sequel. Working on the first chapter.

Cave of Second Chances:
Outlining first timeline (up to the time travel event).

Various other background projects.


Story Pages Updated

The “My Stories” page has been updated to reflect my two completed stories and two in-progress stories. Each story now has its own sub-page.

“On a Mission from God” has two chapters remaining before it is complete.

“Cave of Second Chances” has just begun and will be running for a while. I don’t have a master plan on the number of chapters and my chapters aren’t long so far, but this is my first long story. It’s a time travel story. In the original timeline Draco befirends Harry, but it is a deception. After Voldemort returns in Harry’s second year, war erupts. Eventually, Harry discovers a means to relive his life. I’m trying to make it different from the other time travel stories I’ve read.

Animagus fic nearly complete

I’m nearing completion on my first HP fanfic. I started it for the Animagus Challenge on SIYE, but slow writing + real life = taking longer than I anticipated. I missed the challenge deadline, but I’m finishing it anyways. Once it is completed and posted, I will add a link to the story on my FF and SIYE accounts. I will also post any notes I have regarding story development. (I plan to do this for every story I post.)

Yeah, I completed this one ages ago.