The Uncaring Sun

uncaring sun








Summary: In the far distant future, the sun has become a red giant. In this surreal landscape, illuminated by the bloated sun, “lives” the immortal shade of Tom Riddle. Witness his descent into madness on an abandoned and dying planet. (This story explores what might happen if Harry had been able to win without destroying all of the horcruxes.)

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Notes: This story is based on the idea of not all of Riddle’s horcruxes being found, but Harry still being victorious. (See Mage Harry by kb0 for one example.) Of course, if the horcurxes still existed, Voldemort could still return someday. However, I found myself wondering what might happen if he were unable to do so for some reason.

This story is based on what I was able to research about what scientists say about the far-future fate of the planet Earth. I am not a scientist, and any scientific errors on my part are the result of that fact.  I did find some conflicting opinions regarding whether or not the sun would engulf the Earth, due to a number of factors.

This story is told from Voldemort’s perspective.

The cover image was created using an image licensed using a Creative Commons license. Therefore, the cover image is also covered under such a license. The original may be found on Wikipedia in the article about The Sun. The file name is Sun(underscore)Red(underscore)Giant(dot)jpg



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